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rules therefor and precautions to be observed in the same.

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alone drowsiness ataxia and confusion may occur espe

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Before giving the results of these examinations it will be well

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corrosion that an implement introduced as a tube from a

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the will simply determines the result not the special movements by which

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to prove rapidly fatal. Meningitis is another complication which hastens

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its subsequent occurrence before the healing has taken place.

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that the stimulation of any part of the mucous membrane

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old age. What he had done was essentially to induce artifi

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dicinal or dietetic treatment whatever unless in exceptional and in

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that these tests are inadequate to detect sudi compara

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now admitted by tlie most authoritative pathologists. In this article a brief

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Committee on Scientific Wor k Dr. Watson S. Rankin Wake Forest

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taminated by disease and which also contribute to the pre

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Although cases are known and recorded in which hydrocephalic

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degeneration but it is not ahvays present in the classical form. The essential

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tiation clearly between pediculosis corporis and scabies.

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settled down six several times in the same attitude with head and tail

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species of Monilia but doubts whether all of them are

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by irritation. There is usually a traumatic history in tetanus.

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because they are not operated upon early enough than in conse

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vealed at the autopsy the intensity of the coloration depending upon

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Head. Slight effusion of blood under the arachnoid membrane which

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