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Samples of above So^>s SENT FREE» on application, to any Physician enclosing card

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number than in health. The inspiratory act is performed with a spamodic

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The only question of interest is this — what was the cause of

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which produce this sudden development of poisonous properties,

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Character— Causation — Diagnosis— Prognosis — Treatment. Partial Peritonitis.

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leading to fistula, is another complication occurring in a certain propor-

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Every fluid drachm contains 15 grains EACH of Pure Chloral

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of contraction is in i)roportion to the amount of the previous dilatation

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the windows should be kept open. Dr. James Blake, of San Francisco,

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chexia. Much importance has been attached to a varicose state

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The signs on which, taken in connection with the history and S3'mptoras,

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large. I have met with a case of old pleuritis, in which the pleura had

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small patches closely resembling those in the right lung. Heart

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contained in the large intestine, in these as in other cases of obstruction,

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diffused. In none of the cases seen by Dr. Condie, was there

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Prices to non-subscribers, #i.j35 and #1.50 respectively.

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The curriculum is graded, and a preliminary examination

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The curriculum is graded, and a preliminary examinatlOD

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surfaces over the whole or the greater part of the organ. In a small pro-

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Dose and Composition.— heaping teaspoonful, contain- 1

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regards the quantity of blood sent into the aorta in different beats.

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his hostess, whom he delighted to take with him in his exploratory

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^ Papfn* is the Anodyne or pain-relieving principle of Opium, the Nar* ^

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several of the physicians of the Southern and Western States.

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8 Vide Am. Jour, of Med. Sciences, Oct. 18(55, p. 518.

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both on account of the rarity of this affection and the exceeding

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combined with opium was also given a trial. Depletion and

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diminution be sufiBcient to suspend vegetable life, and convert

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ing in cavities formed by dilated bronchial tubes (bronchiectasis), are

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bronchial rales. The bronchitis in some cases is unusually acute, giving

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compromising the functions of, the parts affected. For example, in the

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are often observed in cases in which the glands are not affected ; and, per

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place, to the relief of vomiting and diarrlujua. Measures for the relief of

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Demme has seen a morbilliform eruption with abundant

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The microscope may be of use in the detection of this kind of deception.

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residue being left at rest for some time in a narrow vessel, the white

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usual. Great frequency of the pulse always denotes gravity and danger,

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those which relate directl}^ to them as morbid conditions would be here

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things that you ought to know, and don't; to enlarge your conversational powers; to brighten

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