Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride (pyridium)

phenazopyridine hydrochloride (pyridium)

future well-being of every phthisical patient depends upon his powers of

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tissues sets up an inflammation and the resulting tissues become con-

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cases, as the fever progresses, the loss of muscular power is so great that

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in the early stage of peritonitis. Yet diarrhoea may not only occur during

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may be established by ulceration through the lung into a bronchial tube,

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pyridium 200mg

Cystic Kidney. — Renal Calculi. — New Growths {Cancer, etc.). — Parasites.

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where the infection is rapid and the disease becomes progressively

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in habit of life, occupation and surroundings as shall arrest defective nutri-

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so in pneumothorax. The breathing is broncho- vesicular in emphysema ;

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The heel is not so prominent as normally, and a depression exists

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and of the Proprietor, in bnlh, congh, or in powder.

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Differential Diagnosis — The dill'ereutial diagnosis of simide intermittent

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long coils of ovary and oviduct, the length of the generative tubes being

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should be looked for in severe cases after the second or third day.

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management of an attack of nervous cardiac palpitation, is the positive

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whereby the muscles upon one side of the spine are rendered weak,

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fever, and an accelerated pulse, or should the pulse suddenly become

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present. In largo pyfomic or non-])ya3niic abscess, ulceration may take

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panitic percussion sound at the most dependent portion of the abdominal

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be analyzed for bile pigment, which maybe found before the jaundiced hue

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laceration of the ligaments and of the capsule of the joint. There may

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a moist surface, or if the epidermis has not been removed the exudation

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and poultices about the anus. Recently, the topical application of iodoform,

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> Geigel ascribes it to " non-coincidence in the closure of the valves." Guttman regarils it as originat-

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transmit the impulse of the aorta, that is, become apuhating tumor. The

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fi result of compression of the nutrient vessel (the bronchial artery). Usually

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this cheesy mass. This is called by some writers, Residual Abscess.

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Lymphoma. — The term "lymphoma" means a tumor of the

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cardium. These processes (as I hare already stated) may convert a small

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larynx. Fever and the other constitutional symptoms which attend acute

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Eczema and Prurigo of the Scrotum. — These diseases occasion an in-

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6. Phagedenic Ulcer. — These rarely occur except in very unsanitary

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stances, the kidney, liver, and spleen may be anchored by operation.

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ciency. When digitalis is administered in chronic Bright's disease, although

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in young persons with contracted chest by violent exercise, like running or

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soda in ten-grain doses every hour has been given with apparent benefit.

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pyridium chlorochromate

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