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nervous tonicity and reduce the temperature, but when the spontaneous

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This disease is so often accompanied by serious manifestations in

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of street cars and of crowds, where possible, is therefore to be

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subject, the technique, by describing only such procedures as his personal

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the bath, careful watch should be kept to prevent his head slipping

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clusion, he remarks that the beneficial effects show themselves in from,

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were either sand ways or planked with wood, with a popula-

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complicated or recurrent cases of acute articular rheumatism, and Sahli

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gularly persistent fallacious idea that such a bath is less heroic. The

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members of the family, should be excluded from the room during and

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firmed by an eminent consultant. He was advised to use amyl nitrite pearls for

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gressive form may affect nearly every joint of the body, and

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Reaction follows both of these conditions, either restoring the

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for they are not all in the-tract swept by the purgative, and the

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ment, and in their maudlin state were shanghaied aboard

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ordinary symptoms of broncho-pneumonia, and the cases are more pro-

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ing want of management in buying. Bananas and oranges

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but when we come to think of it, that two germs by simple

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mis, Juglans Mandshurica. — The Mandshurica is much like

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In fortunate cases the influence of the serum soon becomes apparent.

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put it in writing, intending to send it to the Ontario Secretary:

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ize the initial stage of small-pox, but in addition there are sharp pain in

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doses of the salts, sodium salicylate, or strontium salicylate,

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observed during the past seven years in the Hydriatric Institute, when

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tion. If a )irovincial scale of fees should be adopted by the

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This effect of cold applications may be called into action in some

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therapeutic means as it is for the demonstration of the fact that

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occurring between 1831 to 1873, in which 28,753 persons were attacked,

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presence of smooth muscular fibres in the corium, which enables the

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is true; but the symptoms as described at ]ireseut are so chaotic

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for weeks. In rare cases there may be necrotic inflammation about the

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2. In three cases of cervical endometritis with profuse discharge.

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