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also the palpebral part, but more particularly the former, contains small
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question, and specially the refusal of the managers to admit the ladies
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gow, is not of right entitled to call himself Doctor; but he may designate himself
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the coast ; the waves are constantly breaking over it, and charging the
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the interrupted current, and its gradual inversion and limitation were
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proper use, and who was guarded against its unfair abuse.
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■f Any candidate is allowed, if he so prefer, to postpone his Examination in
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them to put the best methods of treatment in operation.
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hesions are generally separated) ; but a firm hold should be kept of the
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occupied in defending the city, we shall of necessity be obliged to
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outside the barrack, but connected to it by the roof, is the closet. The
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this skilled commerce, where unskilfulness means veiy serious danger
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appliances the accoucheur is given the power of materially helping his
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burnt ; the ceiling wliitewashed ; and the floor scrubbed with soap and
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Fig. 4.— rt. Cross sect'on of an Tnflomed Optic Nerve. The inte?;tinal connective
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are going to do, a great deal of harm ; and that, though they are popular,
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" For as the reasonable soul and flesh is one man, so God and man is
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course of 1S70-71. The lecturer suggested to his pupils the great ne-
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Dr. Christison sums up his opinion in the following words :
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_ The dinner will take place at the Lion Hotel, at 4.30 for 5 exact
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vocate is the retention of the details for local use, and the transmission
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the education of female students in medicine has assumed a serio-comic
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attention of the Board of Health of that town to the presence there of
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enormous loss by sickness in the French army was the consequence, we
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rious nature of the relations of consciousness and organisation. Hence,
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to deny that the beneficial effects of chlorate of potass in scarlatina was
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The pair which I now show you have been so altered, and I have
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servation of Theodorus Kerckringius, M.D. {^Spicilegium Anatomiciim,
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liver will be an exception to this rule ? I find no reason to think that
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Held in NEWCASTLE, August ()tJi, loth, 11///, ami izt/i, 1S70.
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with a grand band of negro melodists. The most extraordinary re-
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Dressers in the Eye-Wards hold office for four months each. — The
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traces after death. He had in his mind the term irritation from the
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made upon them. [" It is ott the system. '"'[ He had answered several gen-
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Tlie Asylum. — The medical officers. Dr. Williams and Dr. Nicol,
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shock ; and I think that the amount of chloroform he took had a large
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" Sir, — We take the liberty of asking you to present to the managers
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this substance, variously modified, constitutes the organic clay of
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and forwards; the depression marking the meatus being upwards
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were veiy often incomplete. It is very evident that the fulfilling of

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