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The results of various observers in the treatment of insanity have

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roundings it may not suddenly assume its fatal type, but with the devi-

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milk-ducts were all found widely dilated, whilst their epithelium,

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Microscopical examination. {Sections j^'^'^paj^ed hy Mr. W.

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after the failure of astringent injections and plugging the

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he has a cough, the merest clearing of the throat sends an

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Association would use their influence towards the establishment

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cases without reflecting or knowing that the cause of these

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of Nursing Women" {Centralblatt fur Innere Medici?!., Vol. XIX,

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20, 1898, for the following statements, which I have neces-

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ent quantities of the preparation are produced. It is unfortunate

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Seven town cows died, all of which were owned by people living in the

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Dr. Hamilton, in his series of papers on bronchitis, published in the Practitioner for

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the opinion that the disease was not pieuro-pneumonia. The matter would not be re-

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these tumors is in the pelvis, where for obvious reasons they

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tion (2-5 per cent.) should pass through the middle ear, in order

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selves have sometimes felt that much of their lahour

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di mini shed extent and virulence of swine plague in 7

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in many persons at the sigmoid flexure, for the meso-colon is

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tions of the accessory sinuses of the nose have been more

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and what it stands for, then, surely, I think, I may be regarded at

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bad food was used than in other localities. He wished to state

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been carrying on a long series of experiments in Cattaraugus

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case the earth was hard, and the man could not scoop

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febrile infections besides that of typhoid may also give

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genital nervous disease in its entirety quite as often becomes

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protruded upon several occasions. Secondary sutures were placed

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stitutional taint, as of syphilis or cancer, would be an

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McLean. — I estimate the value of swine lost in this county during the

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fered severely with murrain. Hog cholera prevails to a greater or less

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creasotal and guaiacol carbonate as a pulmonary antiseptic in cases

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Post-mortem examination was made about one hour after death, or

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