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Claisse (16), in describing the phenomena observed in

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This shows conclusively that animals which are proof against an

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The efferent artery, after leaving the glomerulus, breaks up into

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the development of the disease, but if you have halted there,

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most unfavourable for amputation at any point for the capil-

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by an officer of the local authority appointed in that behalf certifying that the car-

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will take it readily in that form, but with some it has to be cov-

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Cooke, Almon H., 410 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, Erie Co.

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geons, both in general and in special lines of work, who

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wottld ask all the members of this Congress to be of

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nerve-lesions, and are usually practically powerless in the pains of

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swim, and often would sink were it not for the helping hand

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plague blood which had been repeatedly heated to 130°, 150°, and 200°

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of feeding, or watering, or other ordinary purposes connected with the breeding or

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to sucking calves, thus drawing, their nourishment, this condition is

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man. He was a fine representative of the gentleman of the old

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Dr. Detmers undertook a number of experiments for the purpose

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spending the day with him. He resumed his customary habit of

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bouillon did not contain a cholera microbe and that the

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skin and whole and healthy respiratory organs, because if such should

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several days (since April 29), and is now evidently diseased. It is in-

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marked trismus, with consequent difficulty in feeding, and the

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region and in the pericardium. There have been frequent attacks of

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market for general competition. This fact will not increase its

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the anthrax liquid, and some active bacilli had been injected with the

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ous a character as those involving a serous cavity, whether of

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schizophytae of, disappear with appearance of Bacterium termo 183

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conditions, as for example, cancer, abscesses of the reproduc-

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services to hospitals and dispensaries ; it is beginning to be

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are much smaller, the contagium of diseases seldom leaps over a distance

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investigate, has been offered full scope. This has developed

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