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for silver nitrate in the treatment of gonorrhoea concludes, in com-
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skin and in the mucous membranes, for instance. An extensive loss of
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3. Stage of consolidation or sclerosis. Here the bone pre-
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made a frightful extension in the end of the fifteenth century,
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rectum was compressed by a retroverted uterus which had
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limited supply of, increases virulence'of swine-plague germ 117, 123
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the adult Egyptian males if doubled wouldcertainly not overstate
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had been systematically exhausted with various strengths of acetic
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by bad treatment. Hogs die of cholera, sheep of rot and the staggers,
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anus, and leave the cause of obstruction, with its resulting
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one of the house-suro-eous' wrists with his finger-nails. He took
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seven half crowns for safe keeping ; and the third who had
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(1.) By the sweeping out thereof, and the effectual removal therefrom of all dung,
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of Mr. Crump's and Dr. Gadsden's letters. He still, however, expressed his opinion
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Dr. Seaman was born in Fairfield, Herkimer County, N. Y.,
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during the last year, which had reached a similar state of decomposi-
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becoming gradually more and more areable, and the interlobular thick-
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the tincture of iodine combined with the powerful astringent
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as '* biliousness," in the course of convalescence from many acute
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must be delayed till a remission has occm'red, such as
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adhering endways to each other, comes into the field. If powers of 900
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though they have within them ail the powers of nutrition, growth, and
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cal." He contended that the uterus depends upon its fascia and
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therefore, were less varied, but otherwise exactly the same as those
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patients complain to us general practitioners, no one is com-
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upon it. In uncomplicated ursemic amaurosis there is
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a reference book for them. The metric system has been used for
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bly withstand it; on cooling, the steam condenses and forms a scarcely
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It will be seen here that the maximum height of the
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under his hand of such declaration to the occupier of the field, stable, cow-shed, or

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