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(localities of this county. Cholera is the only disease existing among

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variably produced in the lungs, are comparatively unimportant.

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May 3. — Inoculated with, swine plague schizophyta?, cultivated in albumen.

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parts of the State, and unless we get a hard winter it may be as bad in

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He was very ill on the next day and obliged to put himself under

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2. Stage of softening and swelling, also called the stage of

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c\rp packed ■with cotton.; c, poixt to"be broken. ^vdthirL the c a oixtchmix

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our hogs, and has proved very fatal. We think we have found a remedy

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fatal disease of swine, it is at once seen how this method of preventing

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and frequently practised, amputation above the knee in these

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step further and no deaths at all took place, the germs, instead of enter-

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has passed out of the animal body, we have ample proof of the existence

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Surgically Dr. Kieck refers to two cases of lupus of the face cured

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Heat, effect of, on development £ swine-plague micrococcus 79

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of muscle, nerve, and bone can respectively "build up but muscle, nerve,

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animal suture, and Championnieie gradually developed his

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Ballard. — All kinds of farm animals in this county have remained un-

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teria and thus render the milk more healthful. The process con-

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strong as possible, every axillary muscle taking part, thus

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is not possible to say for certain which is the better anassthetic ;

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physicians in an agitation for sewers, with a successful result.

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very large balance available for sanitary works. When

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the climatic influences were unfavorable, very good results were,

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fragments ; freedom from septic infection, and the absence of

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whether this parasite can at all be considered as the

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societies and associations are requested to bring this subject in

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location of tenderness, the degree of collapse, the acuteness

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tion is due to a partial hernia often begin with dyspeptic symp-

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This subject afterward suffered severely from inoculation with virus

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