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greater capacity and expand into sinuses, and the fibre-cells grow

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point out the necessity for fortifications to strengthen our cause

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inoculated with a cultivation liquid very rich in the spores and mycelium of bacillus

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trary, to say the least, to choose a single form of bodily

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Infiltration left apex. Tubercle bacilli were present in fair num-

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insisted on here, is their rarity. The intervals between

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report reached me I telegraphed to the Department of State at Washington for the

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energetic action is called for ; then some of the more potent agents

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and until you have tried everything suggested, how can you

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covery from the attack, and, in some cases, a repetition of it

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exceed sixpence in the pound, a local authority may, for the purposes of defraying

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did not attempt to conceal, that he owed me health, happi-

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port in either of the parts of the Empire of Germany respectively known as Schleswig

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schizophytae mostly in shape of micrococci, is never essentially changed

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affect any order of Her Majesty in council made, or any order or regulation of the

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this treatment he applies astringents, which finish the treatment

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under observation two years. The. case is utilized because of her

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vigour, and executive ability. I examined her carefully and was

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and after the circulation is allowed to go on again the urine

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chronic obstruction. Diverticula, such as Meckel's, the vermi-

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epidemic years. It seems more likely that the organ-

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food during an operation, when it is certain they have taken

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regard to the classification of the schizomycetes, and the difficulty of de-

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Drawbacks to inoculation witli devitalized blood 14.">

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stituting the so-called tuberculous osteomyelitis of the pars

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same search was successfully made in the earth of the surface of the grave, although

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contagium will be found in Part III of this report.

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Steams. — Epizooty in a mild form is now prevailing extensively among

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cated by dribbling of saliva streaked with blood. It sometimes happens that when

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