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The cup of his bitterness is filled, and the season of discon-

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county were afflicted with a disease which killed them generally within

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the cord and a portion of the finger of the operator, which

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fused. When asked to put out his tongue, he opens his mouth

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The vomiting that is so trouhlesome after the inhalation of

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surgeons seem to favor it very partially, and others again find

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of acute obstruction may usually be recognized b}^ the pulse,

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In the fourth place, the source of the heat and energy

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produced, and suggested that the discovery might bo extended to other

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wood, and salol, administered in capsules according to the follow-

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so doing I find that pleuro-pneumonia has and does exist to a more or less degree at

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In the majority of instances when bands or cords are the

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deadly as if it had beeu inoculated with the virus direct from the chicken.

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have had little, if any, effect upon their progress.

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assimilation and disassimilation. Old age, then, is char-

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knowledge there is obscurity regarding the exact pelvic and

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(luring the past season, and a few deaths have occurred. Some losses

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two years. She died of an attack of erysipelas with sloughing of the integu-

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ing from club-foot, without recourse to operative measures and

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Experiment No. 14.— Four pigs were inoculated May 3, with virus which

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Bierwith, Julius C, 137 Montague St., Brooklyn, Kings Co.

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Case XXI. — Mrs. S. S. T., aged seventy. General health very

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Nov., 1887. R. V. =3^0 refraction corrected, V. =f. L. V.

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to the part. In addition to this there is uneasiness in the

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With this in advance as to the method employed, I will now give the

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lung disclosed the unmistakable lesions of tuberculosis, and in the

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which the drainage of the locality should fiow. Dif-

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like those of a vasomotor paralysis. I suggested again strychnia

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examples of this. In these places it w^as almost universally

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tion or spreading of contagious diseases among cattle and other animals in Great~Britain. [9th

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results as when the quinine was present. One drawback to the

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the former questioning the diagnosis on the general ground that the

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the further introduction of diseased germs into the body of a sick sub-

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From inquiry made by us from cattlemen and veterinary surgeons at Brooklyn, we

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