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its use as to pass through mild and uncomplicated courses of

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acetic acid, the fine granules disappear, and the contents of the cell

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pneumonia, but icere suffering with a form of chronic interstitial pneu-

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greater than that of England. Do any of you realize

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17th. A pig (No. 13, present list) that had been inoculated froni a

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the bladder, behind the peritoneuni, communicating with the bladder through a

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from 39° C. to 36° C. (102.2° F. to 96.8^ P.), and the symptoms

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used as a local anaesthetic; in simple or malignant gastric ulcera-

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virus dried on quill, was, September 3, reinoculated with matter which

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this woik. I appeal to Medical Officers and to others

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eral appropriations until every tuberculous bovine animal in

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A small number of exceptions to this rule can, however,

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Rathbone, Charles C, 60 W. 47th St., New York, New York Co.

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where there is erectile tissue, and that the ebb and flow of

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a free population, and the various influences and currents

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grains). He was thus not only able to decrease the dose, which is

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The food thus vomited, or, in other words, coughed up, sometimes gains entrance into

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the parts to be as still as possible, and it is necessary for the

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examination was made at 8 o'clock a. m. When the skin was taken off,

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especially Great Britain, that no risk will ensue from such shipments of communicating

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years. The attacks appeared associated with certain teeth from

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McLeod, Johnston, 329 W. 23d St., New York, New York Co.

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and disinfected, conferred on them by the act of 1869, or by any order of council, the

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equally favorable results. A preliminary dose of castor oil was

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but little of this ground air, and hence the comparative immunity

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delegates who have come to us from other countries.

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order for the slaughter of any such animal or concerning compensation iu respect

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Since all these animals reach the abattoir, I therefore make fifteen or twenty thou-

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careful observation may be made upon a wider scale." [Phila.

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