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any time suddenly become one of complete acute obstruction.
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First District, E. N. COOLEY, M. D., Oswego County.
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attacked with diarrhoea. On examining him we ascer-
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It is only within the past few years that attention has been
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the practicability of this is yet to be tested, but the idea is one worthy
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work of several different mills and factories, and I know that
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those seven were examined during life and four after death — the other
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for local ana3sthesia. The pure crystals offered by many manufac-
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mixed with the others that the Canadian and United States cattle could
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professor does not live up to his high idea of himself, for we
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portion, and especially the papillae, of a deep red.
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Foreign body within the eyeball. 3. A glaucomatous cup.
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a 2 per cent, solution which has been sterilized by boiling. This
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interest vnth. which he had listened to the very impor-
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Case XI. — Intestinal obstruction from an immense quantity of
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necessary to inoculate half a country or a city, or even
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Dlnretln (sodio-theobromine salicylate) is still prominently
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probably a like degenerate change occurring in the heart from
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1894, when cholera was at its height in Calcutta, an
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the drug for some days on account of its toxic effect. The patient
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from the surface, and placed in distilled water. Their vitality was then
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the kidneys, and they invariably appeared much affected.
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alba. Such an incision is desirable, as it gives ready access
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tortion of the intestine ; by the incarceration of the intestine,
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the nature of any disease that may at any time show itself among the
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twenty years ago. It is not strange that those functional
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First period. — Before any perceptible alteration lias taken place in the ordinary
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A local authority shall direct the disinfecting of the clothes of, and the use of due
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