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But there is another metliod which has been followed by
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lung-substance. The pleura coated with exudation, and rough at several
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Mr. Bradshaw read the notes of a case of varicose veins in the
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McBurney, Charles, 28 W. 37th St., New York, New York Co.
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chloride of lime, such limewash to be prepared immediately before use.
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of time our sanitary reformation is to be effected.
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if in the cultivations the whole or any considerable part of these existed
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Barton, Lyman, Willsborough, Essex Co. Founder. (Retired list.)
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perfect confidence. In my own work I now use kangaroo
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there are neither adhesions nor gangrene the reduction is
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burg, Germany, have investigated its digestibility in healthy men
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greatly any success we may have had is due to his energy and
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Three weeks after tlie last case of sickness, the fowls may be again
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of adherent colon ; compression by adhesions ; volvulus of
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reading of these papers before others and the thorough
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This practice was suggested by the favorable results obtained
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the symptoms : his fury seemed to leave him for about half an
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The president announced that he had appointed Drs. Buggies
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deadly as if it had beeu inoculated with the virus direct from the chicken.
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Lungs : In color nearly normal, but large portions did not collapse and give a hard,
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here, I will not even venture a suggestion of possible causes ;
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His record, like his life, was without blemish. He was an edu-
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May 21, 1891. E. Y. = 2*0 refraction corrected, Y. =: ^%. L. Y.
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times done so, and swabbed the sockets well with antiseptics, such,
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unless and until it has been cleansed and disinfected.
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known antiseptic, disinfectant, deodorizer and germicide, has
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the perils usually attending inoculation with a moderate amount of the
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weeks, which again resulted in no cases appearing. [Deut. Medicin.
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glass cap a is removed from the needle and this is quickly forced into
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capacity for usefulness has its limitations, so has a steam
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an obsolete and now ridiculous feature of old-fashioned
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