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the bile from an animal affected with rabies contained an antitoxin

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Vaccination was, however, started within two years of

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adhering endways to each other, comes into the field. If powers of 900

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various infectious diseases, from which a large number have died.

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Pregnancy," with a history of the case. Laparotomy had cleared

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tions of the urethra and bladder in which injections were impossi-

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culture on pleuro-pneumonia contagiosa. From it you will be able to see exactly to

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Helm of Tangermiinde, Prussian Saxony, has to report the death

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sinus to be acutely or chronically inflamed is to see pus flow

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tory ; new formation uniting the intestines. The Steiihanurus dentatus abounded about

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charity ; the donations and bequests that have made them

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the heat, and even recommended that one-half per cent, of carbolic

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any such order, such company or person shall on every such occasion be deemed guilty

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the cholera at Bellary in the drought of 1877 will be

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tetanus. Duret (14) reviews the history of twelve personal

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is prevailing among sheep. The most fatal disease to fowls is the gapes.

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I see from special report No. 12 of your department, and other publications, that

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talent for which he has not paid at a ruinous sacrifice to

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process is continuous from incubation to confirmed stricture,

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fession and of the country. I have, on the part of the

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Constipation is one of the most persistent and character-

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closure of the remaining fibrous structures over the cord so

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first of these was to drink a large quantity of water in the

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very heavy and quite solid). Just before the cows die they are killed and sent into

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ferric chloride, which produce, even with a very weak solution of

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ing from these remarks to the special and more complete dis-

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the patient and his friends that a few hours will see him all

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shire, and Vermont, and he was a surgeon in the Fourteenth N. H.

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patient began with five drops, three times daily, increasing the

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community? Is it any wonder that quacks still feed on the

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I do not say that he infers, but it is eeitainly le^t

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and its surroundings should be thoroughly cleansed. The

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therein described, with all lands and buildings continuous thereto in the same occu-

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