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6. Mr. PMllvpVs pig, an animal about five weeks old, and sick for some
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have seen admirable results from it. After one thorough applica-
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the bacteria as the developed granules or plastids formed in the bioplasm
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tell us the result of their experience of them. The prin-
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maladies, often before death, renders it necessary that a connection be
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Bobertson. — I do not hear of the prevalence of any epidemic among
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changes, except some swelling of the ileum, or thickening of the walls
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of typhoid fever are other great advances in aetiological
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animal membrane from one to the other, the virulence of the poison is lessened of its
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on the other hand, the approximation has been maintained
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urine to a deep blue color. Of this fact the patient should always
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substance. I wish to insist upon this fact, because recent investigators,
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marked effect was observed. In cases of peritonitis no relief had
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gut is liable to be injured. This is a very particular process
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particle of dust, however small, escapes being wet. It is impossible to thoroughly
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parietes for at least three or four weeks — probably much
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nade in nearly all cases far exceeds any moral influence
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to his friend, the superintendent of outdoor poor, who, he
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The advantages of this operation will be recognised on
revia revisions- und beratungs ag
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of this agent in ophthalmology. He not only acknowledges that
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taken to-day, in presenting a remedy for the abuse of
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bushwhackers, trespassers on the domain of other physicians
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sue an enquiry into the nature of the diseases which
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for an inch or more, thus establishing clearly the diagnosis of a
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make the forthcoming volume of Transactions one of great value
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hardened, and completely filled with the worm known as Siephanurus dentatus.
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We have no remedy or preventive for the disease, and nearly all that are
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nutrition, the balance may be partially regained. If we can-
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Vernon. — I think the value of the losses among farm animals by disease
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the form of a tasteless powder of much the color of cocoa, dissolv-
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' The day "being cold the body was left till next day (Monday), at which time it
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and peritoneal effusion, care being observed to plunge them deeply into

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