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obtained, have put in our ha,nds a means of protecting

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the results of his considerable experience with this acid. He has

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Experiment No. 8, July 30. — One hen inoculated with fluid pressed from

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minute colonies on the food materials. Unfortunately

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The merchants here engaged in the trade are willing to adopt any plan that I may

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This animal had never appeared quite well; slie did not tlirivc, and was dull ana

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under this act, he may appeal therefrom, subject to the conditions and regulations

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six hours at 120° C.(248° F.). This product is claimed to do all

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M.D., F.R.S., Assistant Physician to King's College Hospital ; Professor of

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Wabash. — A disease known as cholera, or lung fever, prevails more or

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tubing, with an internal diameter of about one-eighth of an inch and

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the passages of your bowels instead of being natural would

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day with the same material commenced to show symptoms of sickness

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table shows clearly that the epidemic spread in a most

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sufferers. Still he was of the opinion that much that had been

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normal salt solution will answer as well. Garnier and Lam-

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treatment with quinine should be begun without delay

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better results. He used it in 150 cases in his surgical practice, as

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a part. Here, the commencement of season of cholera

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consumptives into the lower animals, without knowing what

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should be maintained for several days, as is usually taught,

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interne the writer had had large experience with this simple pro-

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t In 1863, the Metropolitan Board of Health found that the use of meat from animals

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ished and had a normal spleen ; case 2 had slight splenic

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spection of the chief of his department. Mr. Welsby would at the same

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mally dry and adherent to the mucous membrane. At the con mencement of the du-

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platinum loop, is smeared over a cover-glass, then dried by

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month of the S.-W. monsoon in these special districts,

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public schools. In a word, this science has given us a new

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however, sensitive to heat, and even momentarily boiling it dimin-

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tion of the anthrax bacillus, and cultivated the germ in a

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tics on which these percentages are based will do more than

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(hepatization) restricted to lower parts of anterior lobes ; numerous

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resented in drawing No. VI, but probably different from, or at any rate

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finest capillaries — till they reach a part or an organ which can elimi-

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ing causes to be important factors in the etiology. I have

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(Treves reports but two out of twenty-two). It may be

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