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am unable to say, but it has proved effectual. This preventive I accidentally dis-
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sions, into the intestine and bladder. The opening in the ileum
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found in one ovary only, but cases have been reported in
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some blood ran out, and he pulled from the back of the throat
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about a week before death intervenes. One out of twelve of my own
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stomach, the food being passed into the intestine in
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Ventura. — A good many lambs, at about the age of four months, are
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were pastured with impunity. In an outbreak of anthrax near Kancy,
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should be about four inches in length. It should be made
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I have been thinking for some time of writing to you iu regard to a disease among
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mals is swine plague. A similar disease is very fatal to fowls.
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his left hand, and cried out, * Oh, it's too much ; I have taken too
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for club-foot, in the reduction and dressing of fractures, in the
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" You have no disease whatever of your stomach, and you
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were always cleaned with great care and often passed through the
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Again, Dr. Klein could not have found Bacilli filaments in the virus,
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duced into its natural opening. You are then absolutely
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Again, during the state of coma, semi-fluid ingesta are apt to flow into the mouth
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The history of these animals, as I have been able to learn, is as fol-
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been, were, and would be, a source of danger to others,
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rule, we do not use it with the broad idea of curing a
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The history of epidemic cholera in India does not ■
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of being preserved in the archives of the Association. He held a
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that led thereto, which may be chronic. From that fact I
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field of Saint Germain, seemed to him so surprising that he could not believe them
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of the tuberculin preparations (or perhaps by their passage
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Marshall. — TVe have lost some hogs in this county by the usual dis-

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