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was remarkable, more remarkable still from the fact that, so

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tion would not be altogether unprecedented, as Pasteur found that his

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liquid, which had twice been heated to 1S0° to preserve it.

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sensory filaments of supply in any viscus, or they may be

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In the light of our facts and observations, every one must perceive

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Tube No. 11 : Liquid covered with a. membrane : turbid with a flocculent deposit. A

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shrinking of the affected part, or if the loss is not partial, but not very

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it sends its protective influence to all the people, the rich and

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furnished to the men. Since 1862 that custom was abolished

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cism, is, on the whole, the most satisfactory. According to

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just as it would in any other case in which the danger of

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viscera may thus be overlooked, so that it seems wise to

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were completely plugged for a distance of from one to three

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13. In case a stricture proves undilatable beyond No. 2, a

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the mouth (see micropnotograph No. 3), and another one on the chin.

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Hogs' are all afflicted with, a disease that affects their hind legs. Fowls

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Differences of observations in swine plague, explanation of V.V.Y.Y.W. 67

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in which the swine-plague schizophytas are represented, as seen with the

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of the drugs : 103 of the 327 eases were discharged as

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intense, and the picture is one of almost hopeless despair.

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template the elevation of the individual, a cultivation of

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In a fatal case (a female aged 49) albuminuria was present.

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distension not having taken place, in the paralytic form the

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uterine myomata is not much more dangerous than that of ovarian

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istered, and repeated after another interval of three hours.

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a week and a cool sponge followed by brisk rubbing every morn-

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pleura. The lower border of the middle lobe is also covered with false membrane, and

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growth of two vital elements of the parents, it should inherit the ac-

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pus. Should this process of infection of the mucus take

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ceeded in furnishing a fresh, supply of boiled infusion of muscle to a

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Long Island, for one year, and then settled in Hanson Place, Brook-

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July 3. — All the smaller pigs — Nos. 10, 11, 12, and 13 — have diarrhea.

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