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fewer than four or more than fifteen of their number to act on the county board for
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dle from the internal ear, as a result of tubercular caries of
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tagion, the healthy birds should be penned upon it ; but if all of the land is infected,
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blood in the non-hepatized parts of the lungs, other important and
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anaemia, three had it well marked and one had it slightly
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permanganate. Emphasis was laid upon the necessity for care
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(8.) The commissioners of Her Majesty's treasury may, by agreement with the local
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found inadequate for the trade, the wharf was enlarged. It therefore became neces-
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healthy. In the abdominal cavity, the liver enlarged, of a deep ma-
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periments to show that one attack preserves from a second. A miti-
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Mr. Carson's herd, five miles southeast of Tolono (cf. account of pout
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The left tibia seems somewhat thickened, so also do the bones
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tamponade of boro-glyceride by separating the vaginal walls,
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"The interests involved!;; ire of so vast a character, and of such overshadow-
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of the kidney, enters the hilus. This artery is accompanied by a
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The general objection to this is that the hogs will eat dirt. My reply is that a bog-
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there have been cases of pleuro-pneumonia, or lung fever, among the cows in the
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particularly dangerous, as the intestinal canal generally becomes the
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the vesicles are developed at the points indicated, most frequently earliest in front of
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Fracture of Pelvis wUli Injury to Viscera. — A girl, 15 years old, was
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ounce of whiskey in four ounces of hot milk every two hours, com-
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and fractures of the temporal and zygomatic portion of malar,
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besides these there were many granules varying in size from a mere
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as we term it, without the typical typhoid temperature is
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In the peritoneal effusion, on slides not passed through the flame of
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peding, such inspector or other officer, he shall be deemed guilty of an offense against
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attaining this result in fractures generally are : Osseous
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Ballard. — All kinds of farm animals in this county have remained un-
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hundred head have died in all. Some fatal cases of bloody murrain
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objectionable preparations. The daily dose at the beginning of
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interesting items at this time as no definite clinical reports have
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another visit in the afternoon and found her lying down in a more natu-
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commencement to a blow on the left shin four months previous

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