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application of these principles in the several localities.
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larly, the thermometer indicating 96.8° F. or 97.6° F.
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much assistance to the various Committees. (Cheers.)
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a certain dose of cholera virus, succumbed, whereas,
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m Shelby. — A kind of lung fever has been very destructive to young
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lows: On the first day of October, 1897, the library contained nine
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before the perineal sutures are twisted (to be worn for sev-
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was a general hypertrophy of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, especially of the legs.
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That it is widespread in India and Assam is amply prove<l
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is cast off and the tube is filled with its detritus and an exudation similar to that in
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remedies, and when our patients recover or die, we are
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that it fails in its action occasionally, but in such cases he finds an
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gentleman's herd were alread}^ dead. Two were sick at the time of my
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the courtesy of Dr. William Schroeder, to supply very complete
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with food, or the ingestion of irritant articles, such as ice or
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have I to save him and then compel him to suffer again and
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of proper food, care, and attention. Hogs are visited every spring and
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diagnostic in concomitant symptoms such as jaundice, fever,
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at its death, and was inoculated with lung-exudation of Mr. Carson's
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June 17, last, a case was reported (which, apparently, was quite
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will steal his neighbour's patient and blast his good
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ing structures, as in the case related by Mr. Salter. The com-
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country from England cattle affected with contagious pleuro-pneumo-
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4th. Its blood; examined microscopically, showed parasitic alteration described by
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Med. Wochensch., Therap. BeilagCyYol. XXIV, page 49.)
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a glass globe, fell. The globe was broken and some of the glass entered his
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itself only after a long period of work. It was not
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useful, such as belladonna, veratria, aconitia, and cocaine.
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Letter from Sir E. Thornton to the Marquis of Salisbury.

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