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administration of a few full doses of quinine, and the
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symptom, and the symptoms usually noticed early in cases of
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Ian Maclaren says in purport, concerning forgiveness, if you are
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sands of the ova, and if they passed their stools on
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of moral health? And notice how many laws Moses made for his
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10. Phthisis. — One fatal case had also nephritis and anasarca, another had
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which the normal structure was yet preserved, containing innumerable
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then the finger and needle used are passed several times slowly through
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perfect health or were suffering from diseases other than
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cholera. Those attacked seldom get well. They mope and droop for
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extremity was black and mummified. The heart's action improved,
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bowels showed no thickening, corrugation, erosions, nor ulcers. That
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failed to discover any parallel to this case. Advocates of creosote
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exacerbation of the outbreak that is so often observed
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Cutaneous Burns " which appeared in the New York Medical
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collation this evening, and also by arranging for a banquet
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entering layers are cut, and the tube is pushed into position.
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least disturbance. An occasional small dose of calomel is, I
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danger. Nothing whatever was given to combat these symptoms,
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where the gut was twisted upon itself and apparently constricted.
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undoubtedly are well founded, and have contributed in bringing about
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alcohol and chloroform. It is recommended for excessive night-
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natural in striation. The left kidney very small. On tearing
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paper to state, simply and briefly, some prominent facts and
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were, two sub-coracoid, one sub-spinous. The dislocation of the forearm was
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Since all the processes resulting in a chronic obstruction
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time, says: "I am not in accord with M. Toussaint in regard to the
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Dukes. — The only disease I have to record among farm animals is one
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tencbyma varied in color From deep red to pink, tm1 if was mostly of a pinkish shade;
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tilation of the sewers, which at once tends to reduce the virulence of the
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his strength and health, and resume his work. Not improving as
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