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If there has been a preceding laceration of the perineum,

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ber meeting, I stated that holocaine was a very prompt, quick-

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entire head, but later it became more severe on the right side,

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Collin. — Except an occasional case of colt distemper, which generally

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Extent and location of swine plague in the United States • 204

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greater, as far as I can judge, than by other methods. The eye is

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minuted fracture of the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. Under

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or one of them, have not or has not been observed in the vessel, be detained at the

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among the zenanas of India. Still in its infancy it is

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fourteen inches in length and weighing twenty-five ounces,

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per minute, short, dry cough, froth at the mouth ; auscultation and percussion show

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have recovered. There is no satisfactory evidence that harm has

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and that the specimen of blood is taken from the finger

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Bacillus anthracis was more difficult, but was finally accomplished.

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that its effective solution is 1 per cent, whereas cocaine has to be

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the aforesaid rebellion, results in irritation of the intestinal

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that the disease under discussion occurs even more frequently

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sometimes digitalis will not act as a diuretic at all, for if it per-

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of acute obstruction occur, I can find no better authority than

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it was found to dangerously narrow the calibre of the gut. It was

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fected before the chemical products of the bacteria have had time to

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worms, and one case with urinary fistulae had 11 anchy-

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serious morbid changes had been produced. Among the infected herds

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for animals, and water shall be supplied there, gratuitously, on request of any person

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nine, camphor, nitroglycerine, atropine, alcohol, and in a

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obtained the design from a Surgery published about forty years

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and was accom[ianied l)y profuse hfemorrhage. The patient

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punished, and faithfulness and true worth receive a fit

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inches long. Through it the kmg could be easily seen wounded and bleeding.

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found in the blood of the liver of Monahan's cow No. 1. The same,

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