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time, when it has begun to assume a more serious aspect. The inflammation

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The fibres of striated muscle, with their internal framework of

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modern medical science is all wrong and old-fogyism all

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included (excepting in leap year), + five days, making 278

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the same differences of colour, a similar amount of fatty deposit,

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cutaneous forms, and ^or those superficial ones of moderate size

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occur in both eyes at once. Hence we might wonder that inflam-

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named by Dr. Dickinson " tubal nephritis.'^ In this disease we

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fn^^ents. In dry spot no bundles, but numerous cubic

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fore I left the room there was a very slight stain, but nothing worthy the name

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after very small efforts. The leg now feels quite supple and

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necessary to cut short the paroxysms, varied from two to four and

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or beads into the ear canal. Do not attempt removal.

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much difficulty; retains the saliva in her mouth, and has more power over

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of small round cells, constitutes the mass of the tonsils

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them to have emanated from the pens of men who are not only practised writers,

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1841.] Markoe's Report of Cases hi Neio York Hospital. 343

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of the heart, the first sound is so intense that it completely masks the second in

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the most serious diseases which the ophthalmic surgeon is called

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that the ' General History,' for which such extensive materials

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Large blisters to the legs, or on the chest and abdomen, according to the seat of

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Of the second century of observations, the diseases which occurred in individu-

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the Medical Professors in the Imperial College, at Petersburgh," does not in-

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and the stomach and intestines were removed. At the end of three weeks the

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much trouble. Pneimionokoniosis is variously styled

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the hand only 1 proved fatal ; and of 20 tibio-tarsal operations all

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cases; eight grains morning, noon, and evening in one case; ten grains

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puscles can be approximately ascertained by placing between the

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present in the hair-follicles in cases of dandruff and

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at the apex, little transparent, fixed over the junction of the last cervical and

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seated in the radiating folds at the margin of the anus, and usually attended

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lateral line ; and, what is of still greater importance, he has

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metastasis; that is, minute fragments break of! and enter

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daily. It seems hardly necessary to add, that where there is any

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inches and three quarters to three inches one line. His mode of operating, which is

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when spoken io, especially by strangers. During the summer he

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