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though with preservation of sensibility and of knee-

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ment of vaccination, still this has reached a degree of universality which it

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about fifteen months ago, is now in an awful condition and has

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executed laws, but more respect for existent laws on

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lowered the standard of perfection in every part of it.

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before. Has slept none for two nights past. Was not in the house when

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president of the College of Surgeons to the honorary freedom of

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idea of the book is to have the pages torn out and 4eft as prac-

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thirty years. He went to China to take charge of the British

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Minnesota State Hedieal Society, St. Paul, Jnift-S.

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The ground is rather low, and is overflowed at times. August the 7th, she

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making a skiagraph before reduction. This was done. The

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bacilli of the two affections. The leprous specimen was

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cartilage nearly to the interclavicular ligament: several layers of the cellu-

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the specimens I send you for inspection. On making a manual examination

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Casb 16.— -Operator, Lane. Duration, 3 years. Dorsal : extra-

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In the cases which terminated favourably, taken alone, 74.16 102.68

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animals. It is quite possible that the mechanism lies in

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may occur without any valvular disease whatever, and is in-

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sharped needle, inclosed by the points of a forceps, so adapted as to form a

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mised, without taking into account that the germ might

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amenorrhea of obesity, remarkable results have been obtained

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If the patients are active and pay but little attention

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