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|"irtant amino acids, tyiosine an<l tiyptophaiic: another coMtainin<r the

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arily to the papillae, the pyramids, or the renal pelvis. In the secondary

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■■'"""" •"■'''■^ '" I""- iMlition fr,,i„ ,|iMUM I.IcmhI ..vni .Iiirinsr tli.- lin-i ■

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The rapid exhaustion of the muscular power and the failure of the

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quency of opium addiction. In general, it may be said that the English

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Mm- iViii; anil turtle, exaetlv enrrespnliils In tiie ileu'lee nf ilex elnpiiiellt nf

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del'er further consideration of these until we have learned soiiicthii

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ilie eariliac iiiiiscnlatiirc w ill irivc place to a confuse, I nioxenient in wliicli

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Goitres amenable to iodine subside quickly under a:-ray treatment. In

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n ssary t.i ;i consi.l.. ration .if the applh-athui of this ... instant

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•he possilile presence of teljiuus spoi'es siieh siilutioiis must i"' \. rv eare-

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out obliterating the cavity, the testicle retaining

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cases rarely begin after forty, but a goitre acquired in earlier life may

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had very clear contours, and were definitely narrower around the papilla

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kH„«i, as I he ,,iinn,l, „t or n,oh,i,hir ro„.h>,-l,r,l „* an.! is represeiite,! l.v

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forms of machines for giving the exercises is of great service in these cases.

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apple, growing down to the pharynx, or up into the base of the brain, and

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and remains persistently so. Enlargement of the spleen is not so often found

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equal to that ill the alveolar air. This is show i in the aceoiiipaiiviii".;

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some instances resorcin will relieve the distress from pressure and gas that

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As regards nephrotomy, in a series of 72 cases from different surgical clinics,

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lier cent) of Kliicose does materially iinpro\e the nutritive (pialities o:

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iMiictioii. and when the lr,iininu in .iliservation and the inductive method

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of total snlphale excreted in the inoru'anic I'oriii Iiccomu-s iiiucli Ic-

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laisc the lc\('l of tlic pyrotrallatc solution in /,' to tlic level /.' on tliP

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It b more particularly in the form with sclerodactylism (Morvan's disease)

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^liite of nnmcroiis and repeated attempts to demonstrate that a nervous

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