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the Committee of Arrangements for 191 1 was left to the
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vessel giving a clue to the actual papillary arrangement
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far as space permits, we review those in which we think
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along the horizontal line inward from the first position.
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tions, or in scientific investigations of disease in the field
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Tafeln. Berlin: Julius Springer, 1910. (Through Reb-
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C.\SE XXII. Male, £et. twenty-four ; secondary syphilis,
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cars were subjected resulted in fair ventilation even
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tion to realize that the need for an efficient means of artificial
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disturbed in the right foot, less so in the left. He had no
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of the railroad cases. I do not recall this case very well. She
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ramus and fits snugly around the ischial tuberosity. A ring of
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Albuquerque, was chosen as member of the council, suc-
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were insufflated into the jugular within one minute, 30 c.c.
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and practical journals which are interested in the problem of resus-
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form, turpentine, benzine, carbolic acid, and its de-
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themselues to be vanquished and prisoners ; contrari-
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a mixed infection with malaria, and for the control of
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numbe rs of specimens are being taken, but they hold
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for a few days, but in the average patient remained
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the nasal cavities, once or twice a day, with a spray
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kton's line, the thigh was adducted and flexed, and
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done so much toward the elucidation of this obscure
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and motionless for about one yard. A constricting point,
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but regretted that there still remained in India vast
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made at the time I reported it to this society in November,
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BLACK JU R.\:. JJ V I'llh' \ lil'l 1 1<() M . I .
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have the efifect of making the depressor impulsc<;
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40. Alt. Das neueste Ehrlich-Hatapraparat gegen Syph-
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Proceedings of the National Confederation of State Med-
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5. That in medical schools instruction is not properly pro-
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Handsomely Furnished Physician's Offics, in select neighbor-
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weeks the status quo ante had been reestablished. A

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