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as also Syr. senega 5ss, with Garb, ammonia grs. ij, every two
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denote a morbid condition characterized by hyperthesia, or a morbid growth
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especially if there be much liquid effusion. In my work on diseases of the
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DR. JOHN AULDE, of Philadelphia, Pa. "Hydrogen Peroxide— Resume." New York 3le.i:ca
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of meat and strong broths are often taken witli avidit}' by ver^' .young
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vertebral column, constitutes the affection called retro-pharyi}geal abscen^.
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man, apparently in good health, was seized with haemoptysis while making
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treat variety of diseases. Special or specific causes are extraordinary iu
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become tuberculous. Moreover, the number of patients interrogated,
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more immediately necessary to the first exercise of an independent
tretinoin advanced guestbook 2.4.2
ments, from a condition of great suffering into one of ease and comfort.
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superintend his work. The warden, overseers, physicians, official
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the more important being an albuminous substance externalh', forming
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1831, the average mortality of this class to the average number
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principles embraced under the head of excrementitious substances. In
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the drug is contra-indicated, as it easily provokes gastro-
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quickness of the pulse, which continued at 160 in the minute,
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The objects within the eye are seen in their natural position by this
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yellowness, such as occurs in the cancerous cachexia. Pressure
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form eruption with abundant diarrhoea, after the injection of
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sion as to what should 1)e done was arrived at, she was seized with
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unaccompanied b}^ symptoms denoting disorder of stomach-digestion.
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valuable to V\'Omen. (Pills of three grains.) the tincture.)
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lacetophenone in a very rebellious case of psoriasis.
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heretofore, and it is still deemed important by man^-. It is supposed to
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doubtful vrhether pneumonitis is to be reckoned among the consecutive
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insufficient cardiac action. It frequently produces con-
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voke it, as well as to increase the pain, than alimehts bland and easy of
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and deiirium of fevers it is absolutely invaluable.
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hence, the p^aemic phenomena are not manifested until after several days
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ing to abscess in the areolar tissue beneath the peritoneum, or fecal ab-
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The diagnosis of circumscribed collections of liquid is not alwa3's easy.
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addition to these circumstances, I found that there still remained
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are labored, but not notably accelerated. Attention to the points just
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Dr. Henry J. Bowditch suggests, as a modification of TufTnell's plan,
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