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OF CHOLERA, the Result of Forty Tears' Experience. By JOHiT Mtteeay,

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coughing, and then another, and only dozes off to sleep when the

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attack of hog cholera is relative and not absolute; that the system suf-

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college of London, England, discusses the therapeutic and toxi-

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of the use I am making of them now. I am convinced that

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officer as aforesaid, or by such other officer as the privy council prescribes.

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looked with favor on self-constituted authority, particularly in

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the latter, of supplying daily rations of grog at all times, and

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ing their salaries, but for the past two years the work has

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in water, which solubility is found to be furthered by first slightly

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introduced me to a distinguished surgeon of Buffalo, as follows:

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milder form of disease than a natural infection or an inoculation with

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1900 will make a much better showing than did the men of

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labor, which exercise a power in self-protection. Base-ball clubs,

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the external border of Poupart's ligament should then be

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use, the simple rules governing the care of the eyes. Thus, it

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of buried animal sutures, the closure in layers, the restora-

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M.D., F.R.c.s., Professor of Anatomy, Medical College, Calcutta ... ... 511 — 514

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duction of spores and the retention of activity in the virus of anthrax

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cavated to raise the siirrounding land, in order that

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len and painful. Remedies from the nearest doctor were obtained

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rus or maxillary bone, etc., probably refer to cases of extra-

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we not be born again? Can we legislate goodness into any man?

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not need them, and refused the crumb of professional effort

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rather than to dilate it, and it is only when a ^'thin wedge "

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infected, for no matter how few parasites are present

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(fuaiaquui (quinine guaiacol-bi-sulphonate), the new substitute

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satisfied that in the severer processes the choroid is impli-

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few cases, in which the pain is so definitely limited to a par-

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lower jaw ; the teeth were extracted, and she was well in a few

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according to the investigation of Dr. Beck, are killed within three

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ago, I found that if the weather suddenly changed from warm

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trouble, while the real obstruction may be partly in the

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same aperture in this bag, but the afferent artery begins to

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cause the catarrhal products to gravitate downward towards the smaller bronchi and

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