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Technology in Boston, in connection with this work, showed that
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incidence is traceable in certain localities. In reference
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during the past week (October 15 to 22) in Bellevue Hospital, the
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try, if any, and that could not be until the whole of that country was
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the catholicity of its aims are mere pickings from the
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obtained. The hope is expressed, however, that cerebral tumors
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pleurisy by applying it to the skin, whereby the exudations were
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free state and are capable of indefinite existence in
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per cent, of cases ; least often in strangulation, 10 per cent. ;
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Following the eating of strawberries, a considerable number of
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The vomiting is best treated by bismuth, hydrocyanic acid,
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tered by the delusion of helping a so-called charitable insti-
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the blood the allied albuminous substance, casein. Dr. Barnes
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and gradually diminishes toward four or five o'clock in the after-
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Surgn.-Major J. B. Gibbons, l.r.q.c.p.i., l.r.cs.i., I.M.S.
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character of the affection. The chief element in headache
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consignee thereof to the company, and shall be recoverable by the company from
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I have endeavoured to show that, though in the Bom-
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appears to be that it is the deleterious chemical products of the disease
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they did not give heed to the evident structure and design of
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given volume, and thus the aeration of the blood is likely to be less
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men. After this the patient made a slow but uninterrupted recov-
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and oedema of face and feet and 22 anchylostoma. The
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that the site of the injury has been perfectly asepticised.
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stones and foreign substances; pressure from tumors. Of
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The liver is dark bluish red and friable. The gall bladder is full, but not over-dis-
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sciatic. The nerves supplied to the deeper organs — the
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wrist, we must then have recourse, besides the treatment
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months after admission, she had a severe and sudden epigastric pain and vomited
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the form of the programme from the sheet, formerly in use,
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Organizations Affiliated with the New York State Medical Associa-
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bacteria, or bacilli, as the case may be) from the animal tissues and
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tubercles, although only about half the size of those bodies and lacking in giant cells
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air or oxygen on the successive generations of the virulent germ robs it
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to take it. The men would not allow us to examine many of them in one part ; we
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Dr. Fage reports in the Lyon Medical (Vol. LXXXVII, page
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frequently destroys whole roosts. The epizooty is prevailing in a mild
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