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by quotations from standard authors, the source of which is

what is detrol la used for

detrol la cost

collections of small stellate looking veins radiating from one center on

detrol la indications

Sderosb, 567 — ^Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis, 568 — Chronic Anterior Polio-

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detrol dosage info

Abscess, spinal, the treatment of. 66, 849 ; due to

detrol la drug information

junctiva which is frequently the case with cocaine. In entro-

detrol full prescribing information

head of the child, and a steady stream of hot water with a tea-

detrol tolterodine tartrate

drug is Chapoteaux's pills, containing y^ gr., or J mg., which may be

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wherever the method had been properly carried out the most

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communicated with two other dormitories, together liolding

tolterodine extended-release (detrol la)

the Hygienic Institute of the Royal University of Munich,

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tlie far-seeing men who suggested them to the Camperdown Commis-

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on the floor. The gas apparatus consisted of an ordinary

taking diuretics and detrol la

does detrol really control bladder issues

Plague or Pestis, 80 — Small-pox, 83 — Scarlet Fever, 87 — ^Measles, 93 — ^Rubella,

detrol gastroparesis

clusion of fact at which they arrived. The Board of

detrol la drug manufacturer

the same as we would use for tuberculosis in general is always indi-

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all food in preference. She ate apples morning, noon,

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motion through the pool at the rate of 400 to 500 per minute." Now it

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and metabolize into a harmless product, this material arising from

pamida drug detrol

the heart; in other words, of the myocardium, in which small gummata

unusual side effects of detrol

The Medical I )fficer or Health <if a Rubal Sanitary DisTEicT;(Hants)

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