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series that ever showed any constitutional disease that might have
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dragging the silkworm gut through the tissues and the peri-
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microbe from one of these wells (that at Singar Grhat)
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ity that pleuro-pneumonia did not exist as declared by the inspector, or that a fresh
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made by dissolving camphor gum to saturation in a 90 per cent, solution
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sent a striking illustration of the amount of work done, of
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disease of the skin, which blisters and generally falls off on the head
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up almost constantly. Of the various essential oils, the oil
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light from darkness, a carious second upper molar tooth was
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For protecting such animals from unnecessary suffering during the passage and on
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MONIA : a Clinical Study. By Octavius Stueges, M.D., F.E.C.P., Physician
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ether, for a tumor upon the shoulder. After a week, as the
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gitation, and called the ' locomotive pulse ' by Bellingham and
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than at a landing-place for slaughter, shall be subject to the following conditions :
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years before she had been operated upon for a tubo-ovarian
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shipped in the Victoria docks for conveyance to that market. This privilege was ex-
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of Dr. Norwood of Spencer, Mass. Considered dangerously ill ;
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without and multiplies in the body of the patient ; 2d, the chemical
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for instance, the majority of the cases are tertian, then
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this provision of this order, such local authority may, from time to time, with the view
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others would be infected or themselves still further
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In the first case the patient, who was seen soon after the
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not disturb him. In fact, he feels so much better that he
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have been published everywhere. They all agree that creasotal
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Xo information of the existence of diseases among animals in Canada has oeen re-
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we to expect to find a particular bacteria-form in each contagious dis-
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formity of the chest, the j)hysical examination was rendered
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By directions of the Lord President, I immediately instructed Mr. Duguid, one of the
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get it the ship drifts with the current wide of her course.
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cartilage of the ear, so as to form a small pocket. The knife withdrawn,
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from the data gathered by him the following figures, taken
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thing of the present century — mainly of the last half
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containing such constituents also exists in men when the function
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insomnia, the absence of localized pain and tenderness, and
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