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uses the acid in vaseline ointment of the strength of 1, or at most
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seem to be injured. Still, the same animals seem to have acqtiired im-
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froni five to fifty head. One man cut up his dead hogs for his live ones
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to other mammals. Two years ago (cf. special report No. 12) I tried to
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would be more frequently employed than it is, especially in
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for suggesting that every Fellow consider that our welfare is
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tism has been very gratifying. He has made use of it in forty
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died. I estimate the losses from this disease alone at $50,000. Swine
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two or three hours. But the repetition seldom has been
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Since then things have changed for the worse. Now the hos-
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the blood invariably presents a normal appearance and is of a normal
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operative methods are still held with remarkable tenacity.
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were made in all directions, and especially among the cattle coming from
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liar feature of the case is that no poor are to be seen there ;
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walls of the spaces. With the increasing firmness of this exudation the alveoli are
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latter in an exposed condition, and." no doubt the feeling of rawness experienced in
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means of counteracting the depressing action of disease in
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dence from my own experience bearing on that point ;
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affected with diarrhoea, in different parts of Calcutta
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with a victim of that disease. Later, this pig and the two others suc-
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body. It is not necessary to enumerate them. The effect
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third class that may have a measure of autotoxis combined
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worry, dissipation, or disease, are predisposed to attacks of
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muscles and consequent loss of vitreous and prolapse of iris.
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although an epidemic was still raging in an adjacent town.
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ture of that object which will have the appearance of solidity. To
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in advance. Massachusetts is now engaged in a systematic
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Toussaintfs results. — Toussaint employed two different methods for the
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blood could be discovered neither Bacillus rods nor oval or cylindrical
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thereof; and if it appears to them that pleuro-pneumonia existed as declared by the
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the hardest of all diseases to get rid of), opinions differ as to whether it exists in this
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origin, and produce death by asphyxia. The dose to produce
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The convulsions set up by drinking and other causes decreased (or
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the lungs and senile emphysema ; thickening of Glisson's
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was reached, when they were met by these self-appointed officers of mt the shot-gun

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