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made up into a suppository and introduced into the rectum every

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What is the best course to pursue if retching occur while the

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signal interest to those persons who are somewhat in

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gation to the department. Tlie following is his report, which was pub-

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albumen, July 10 with liquid from a vacuum tube, and August 13 with

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Thirdly. That the cattle imported have not, while on board the vessel, heen in con-

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morphine hypodermically. Notwithstanding this treatment, the

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has to constantly change her linen. She attributes it to weak-

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tions that this agent is neither harmful nor beneficial, and there-

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Drs. Henry Beates, L. J. Hammond, and H. A, Hare also took

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diawal of fluid, the kidneys resume their function and secrete

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'Menstruation should begin .... when the woman is maturely developed,

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Dr. Marcinowski of Siegmar i. St., Germany, reports his prefer-

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producing very unpleasant results. The carbonate of creo-

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scribing a new thyroid preparation ( 'thyroglandin' ). As that

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some of our most valuable agents are used empirically ;

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of unsatisfactory general or local conditions ; as a substitute

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Now, what is to hinder the alumnus of the crowded tene-

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the same as that associated with the touch of the upper articu-

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taken once or twice a week, or a hot air or steam bath once

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there is an abnormal increase of the bioplasm of the part, both by the

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the preliminary stages of repair to pass over into a thorough

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sote, nor has it been better borne by the stomach ; the same

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opaque ; it shows also small abscesses, but fewer in number than

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for errors in respect of emigration, famine, or pesti-

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as a separate piece, the smaller ones diminishing from above

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a crowd of other germs, the germs of charbon. The experiment is easily made ; cause

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tion below the surface of the skin and therefore complete disinfec-

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