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removes that risk, the sac is to be looked upon as pathologi-

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Comstock, George F., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga Co. Founder.

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year as previously, but it is still thought considerably of in some

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duced, but wheu he injected with them the solution in which they were

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edly found, and that is that the exciting stage is much reduced, if

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the mildness of the epidemic there remains yet another factor to

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mum level is reached cholera ceases to be thus favoured.

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periods of debility, occurring in infancy and extreme adult

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coccus tetragenus, very few tubercle bacilli, but pus-cells and

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structive. Farm animals generally are in a healthy condition.

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forming different foci. It then increases, and deaths

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eat less than usual, but Nos. 9, 10, 11, and 12 eat very little ; the last

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These points seem commonplace and self-evident to us phy-

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mother college, one a vice-president in a public school, while

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The Canadian Government has prohibited the importation of cattle from the United

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The tonsils contain yellowish cheesy products distending their follicles.

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Mexican cactus known botanically as Anhalonium Williamsii),

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be used, like salol, as an antiseptic of the urinary canal. I have

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three weeks, with regular doses of carbolic acid. At any rate, I intend

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acetic acid fluid extracts may be diluted without precipitation,

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My period of service, now close on 30 years, coincides

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illustrated with specimens which he had removed. These tumors

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droughty season of several weeks' duration the first rain occurred to-

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practice, for the reason that death has occurred without premoni-

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of typhoid diarrhoea. But what I maintain is that we

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of the more advanced thought in and about the dwelling, to

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apex of the sheath and the separation of the intussusceptum

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|| Dr. Th. Billroth, Unntersuchnngen iiber Vegetations Fonnen von Cocobacteria Sep-

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A foreign animals' wharf was defined at Southampton on the Southampton Dock

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the escape of bacteria through the filter, and was always difficult to

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then general infection of the system takes place. There is a

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May 21, 1895, I saw W. D., a bell-boy at the "Butterfield

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tion, and the dose should be enough not to require repetition

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before being put into the bulb it grew readily enough

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by the committees. The difficulties and limitations

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rarely met with toxic effects, and even when such did occur, they

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first, as to whether there is any fever which can be

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