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64. Every railway company shall make a provision to the satisfaction of the privy

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So far as the respiratory system is concerned, the nose,

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hired man, who removed them; at any rate, one of the sows died the

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to the touch, and the temperature in the rectum 100°.6 F. The muzzle

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most delicate aid in these cases) he could get no indication that amounted

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worse and more feeble. On the 11th November she found on getting up in

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sanitary measures. Village Sanitation Acts specially

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He then presented the subject of "Papilloma of the Bladder,"

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excrescence of dentine growing from the side of the pulp cavity,

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keeping the peritoneal surfaces moist to lessen adhesions,

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two landing-places for animals not for slaughter: (1) Albert Dock; (2) Quay-wall of

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several times without ether. On one occasion when there had

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back, both on parietal and visceral layers ; one of these over the

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Dr. E. D. Ferguson presented an enterolith, having a nucleus

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greenish flviid. After death the right pleura showed signs of recent pleurisy, espe-

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Cattle from the United States, upon being landed in Liverpool or at

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found to contain over three million microbes per c.c.

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was remarkable, more remarkable still from the fact that, so

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active for twenty-six days, and Professor Law has produced the disease

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seen that in one case the micrococci were able to multiply themselves in a solution

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sunken eyes turning up ; but he is always conscious of

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the tail is in a sloughing condition. No swelling remains in the seat of inoculation.

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nois steers, bought in Chicago market and shipped to Boston over the

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ria will develop in a solution containing one and one-half per cent, of

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they are apt to get easily discouraged, as we quite frequently do

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in which he comments upon the various derivatives, as follows :

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the offender and detain him until he can "be conveniently taken before a justice, to be

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pens, Kos. 4 and 5, knowing that in the spring and summer more wind must

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Surgn.-Lieut -Col. C. H. Joubert, m.b., f.r.c.s., I.M.S.

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EouRTH District, ALVIN A. HUBBELL, M. D., Erie County.

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a half lines, and becoming confluent. Another smaller ulcer is opposite the circum-

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with half a drachm of water and thrown into the subcutaneous tissue

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blood, an enlarged liver from a bird found dead this morning was tritu-

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Chloralose (anhydro-gluco-chloral) — the hypnotic — continues to

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