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cases. Another way to detemlne if a'dog orgeat is Infected 2m a UpeSoS is by Jifual
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slumber, which may persist for some hours; but some patients remain only a
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in symmetrical quadrants of the visual field in the two eyes (quadrant hemi-
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pain, and especially of the temperature sense, on the trunk, arm, and leg,
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conditions, copied from an abstract of the mles of the Faculty :
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find, on anatomical examination, that the process is no longer confined to
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character, as of the chief British Universities, the College of Physicians
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severity, and occupy some hours or even a whole day in their gradual develop-
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Attending Roentgenologists: Drs. Paul C. Hodges, Frederic E. Templeton.
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have to deal usually only with partial hemianesthesias, particularly with a
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de^eiiding „on several cotaJitions of imtch t>ne is the fisS slge. The
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advised to oommnnicate with the Dean before determining on the residence of
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hygiene and diet. Fresh air, suitable nourishment, and good nursing, if
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. Che liquor. This new liquor color is compared to "set" standards on
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cause hemiparesis, hemianopsia, and ataxia by indirect pressure, and paresis
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is defective, if not wholly absent. He cannot recognize food or take it himself,
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ical nature of the pains can frequently be recognized by the experienced
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extend inward and produce dirty-looking ulcers. Other parts of the mouth
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residence, the Certificate of the Oxford and Cambridge Schools' Examiners,
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take with bupropion to aid sleep
assumption that the morbid process is a single and definite one, although we
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Natural History, and Chemistry, in October following*, £5 5s.; total,.
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imperfectly, outward beyond the median line. In old paralysis the eye is
is bupropion available without a prescription
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36. Cl>$>att neeasaar^ tw\^iip<Berc , fcma, rafaraiMsaa, atasidardd and aicmlatad asari&iit«f$ ,
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:.itijn, evdoorated milk is placed In storage tanks where some stabilizing salts may be
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and debilitated persons to take long walks. For such, bodily rest is much more
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Candidates before tlie conunenoemeiit of professional education
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ralgia in anaunic people, or in those whose constitution has been impaired
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nniTersity, provided such examination be co-extensive with the matriculation
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that effect from the Hospital authorities. All pupils are under the
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of Pharmacy." Therapeutics: Headland's "Action of Medicines."
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patient some particular kind of food — for instance, the carbohydrates or the
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ventricles, although the third and fourth ventricles are quite often distended
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the eve. We mean the movements of mimetic expression (or the language of
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ventricle which presented during life a perfect picture of tumor of the cere-

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