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VIII. Diagnosis and Treatment of Syphilis — Dr. A.
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(2.) Treatment by extirpation of the infected focus. (3.) Treatment
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on account of sickness, for thirty days, from Jan. 6. Jan. 8,
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rest of the abdomen may be normal. These symptoms^ without
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A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1902, and M. D., 1906 ; LL. B., Hamilton College
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ings of the Association of American Physicians, 1915, xxx, 305.
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tients in the treatment of special diseases is considered;
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silkworm-gut sutures. Aseptic operation. Death forty-
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testine, which has, they think, caused all the head-
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o'clock on Wednesday, a clinical and pathological conference
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retro-displacement of the uterus is suppurative dis-
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diligence .should be used in the study of pathological text-books,
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for the entrance of such assassins as Czolgosz and Schrank, and
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The interpretation of laboratory reports should be made by the man
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M. D., Lincoln Memorial University (Tenn.), 1912. X-Ray Diagnosis.
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Dispensary Neurologist, the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
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system and method embodying all physiological agencies.
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medium of transmission of vital impulses. The cellular structure
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years of medical work, are not eligible for admission to our
subject is the inter-relationship between the heart
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State Health Officer, whenever in the opinion of the county com-
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Mildred Clark Clough, M. D., Instructor in Medicine.
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Within five minutes after the anesthetic had been discontinued the
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many careful observers. Contra indications, 1. Tuberculosis. 2. Grave
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for the first image which joins the lonely image of a very abstract
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only time during a period of several days when she said anything which
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wage a warfare on all sources of danger — beginning at the county
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and poisoned air emanating from swamps and marshes were the
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In ulcerations of tlie uterus, most excellent results follow the
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This concluded the meeting for the evening. The members then
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The symptoms due, to strangulation by the diverticulum are
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Charles Caspari, Jr., in a course of demonstrations and lec-
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societies, and at next meeting it must be attended to. A copy of
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Ph. B., Yale University, 1892; and A.M. (Hon.), 1912; M. D., Columbia Uni-
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did not know how to care for them, and if they could
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the circumstances of the patient are. Constantly we find such
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organism was not cultivated. There was some reaction from a
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the female orgasm should cause the follicle to rupture and the ovum to

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